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Morning Meditation For Changemakers


Morning Meditation For Changemakers

Date: 2020-10-23 12:17:13


Your Brand Building Tool of The Week!
As you build your brand you may start to feel burned out or overwhelmed at the amount there is always left to do.

It takes a lot of energy to be of such enormous service to others all the time and I recognise that while you are topping everyone else up, you may not have topped yourself up in a while.

So, I created this meditation to top you up every morning for just 16 minutes before you get out of bed, to help you feel fulfilled, replenished, powerful and energised as you prepare for another day of making a massive impact to others.

I have so much love and appreciation for who you are and how you show up for others in the world. You are so valued and valuable. You make such a difference and the world needs you to continue being on top form.

I am here to pack your parachute and hold your hand as you build your brand!

Make this meditation a part of your daily waking practice and bathe yourself in the beauty of all the love that is pouring into you as you listen to these words.

Simply click on the button below to go straight to your meditation 🙂

Enjoy my friend and have a wonderful day.

Lots of love

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