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How we have success in our ad campaigns; use this formula for success

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How we have success in our ad campaigns; use this formula for success

Date: 2019-11-07 20:28:39


Here is a tip for you to remember.

When you are creating content across any platform, there is a formula that we consistently talk about that will help you get results. When you follow this formula you should notice a difference in your conversion rate of sales 💥.

The formula is this:

👉 Goodwill + Offer x Frequency = Money 💵

Are you making an offer every time you are in front of your audience. A lot of time people do content without making an offer.

In all your content you want to be making an offer every 90 seconds or so. You can lead into it softly and then go back to your content and continue to add value 💫.

When you do this, people will start to remember the pitch and know where to go when they are ready to buy.

So remember to follow the formula above every time because consistency is the key to success 💪.

If you want to know more.
👉 Contact for all marketing and advertising needs.

👋 About this channel : My name is Frank Kern. I started creating Internet ad campaigns in 1999.

It’s literally an obsession. Which is why I co-founded my ad agency,

Our mission there is to take the incredible power of the Internet and give it to small “Main Street” businesses so they can get more customers and have more profit.

My partner, Grant Cardone, and I believe that  if more small businesses succeed then the entire global economy can be improved.

Which means more …for everyone.

After 20 years of creating successful Internet ad campaigns, I’ve learned two major things that can help you:

1. What they taught you about marketing (it anything) in school is dead wrong.

2. The real money is in mastering the basic fundamentals and keeping it simple.

Any business, regardless of size or type, can get customers from the Internet and if you’d like my help – I’d be delighted.

Drop a question or a comment below and I’d be happy to answer.

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