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How To Build A Brand Like Nelson Mandela Oprah Winfrey Interview


How To Build A Brand Like Nelson Mandela Oprah Winfrey Interview

Date: 2013-12-06 16:27:54


Would you like to know how to build a brand like Nelson Mandela?
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Nelson Mandela was a truly great, inspirational and transformational leader who was so humble in his approach to bringing people, nations and countries together. As a heart-led leader, he built such a strong brand and reputation (after all, your brand is your reputation) based on making every life on this earth count.

Nelson Mandela was such a humble soul and dedicated his life’s work after prison to making this world a better place. If you build your brand and reputation to do the same, you will find that word spreads about you faster than you could ever imagine. The lesson here is to stop chasing after the money and start following your heart. Do something that genuinely lights you up, brings passion into your life and means something to others… the money will quickly follow.

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