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How To Build A Brand Best Marketing Books Sammy Blindell


How To Build A Brand Best Marketing Books Sammy Blindell

Date: 2013-05-01 15:46:35

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At the workshop Miles and I delivered in central London last night, I was asked by Johanna:
“What branding books should I read to help me position my brand better?”.

First of all I said “Our book How to Build a Brand will be ready soon, so you can read that”!!

Then I recommended another couple of books that I have talked about in past videos, but sometimes it helps to have a reminder. So if you want to build your brand and you are looking for some really good and helpful reading material to support you with ideas on how to do it, here is a video I have created for Johanna. To be honest I don’t read branding books because all of my knowledge is based on my experience and testing and measuring to see what branding activities work best, so the kind of books I tend to read are more based on topics that a brand can be applied to. Anyway, here you go! Enjoy xx

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