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Greg coaches young men and boys in the ‘Regional Rehabilitation Centre’ in Davao.

Greg Secker

Greg coaches young men and boys in the ‘Regional Rehabilitation Centre’ in Davao.

Date: 2019-11-24 12:54:17


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Today I had the privilege to serve at a much higher level that required my A game. I was called to serve at the Regional Rehabilitation Centre for Youth – a detention centre of young men and boys from 13 to 22, who are being detained for a variety of crimes that range from theft, rape to murder and everything in between. I took them on a deep interventional coaching session to start the process of healing, and equip them with tools they can access to help master their emotions. It was a deeply moving experience for me, being the father of two boys, witnessing how many of these young men and boys lost emotional control at a time in their lives when they were young – and so this coaching was crucial to set them back onto the path to reclaim their true power and onto the road to rehabilitation. Thanks to my wonderful team at the Greg Secker Foundation for organising such an important day. I honour those young men today who trusted me to not betray their trust and guide them through this process, and for playing full out.

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