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Forex Trading The Bollinger Band Strategy – Learn To Trade It Like A PRO

Greg Secker

Forex Trading The Bollinger Band Strategy – Learn To Trade It Like A PRO

Date: 2020-01-07 17:00:12


Want to learn how to trade The Bollinger Band strategy? Follow along this trading Tuesday video as I go over this trading strategy step by step. Don’t forget to comment below if you want to learn more trading strategies like this!

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Everyone knows that price moves up and down, but not everyone is aware that it also naturally reverts to its average. As traders, we call this ‘Reversion to the Mean’ and it can be a fantastic indicator to follow. The Bollinger Band indicator, in SmartCharts, plots two lines around the price action, allowing us space to analyse where price has potentially moved far outside of the average, so we can trade it back towards the average. Follow along as I describe the Bollinger Bounce strategy, inside SmartCharts, which automatically alerts you when the price is interacting with a Bollinger Band and is ready to be traded back to the mean.

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