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“10X” A Click Funnels Story Official Trailer -The Untold Story of 10x Growth Con 2019

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“10X” A Click Funnels Story Official Trailer -The Untold Story of 10x Growth Con 2019

Date: 2019-07-09 16:26:55


The untold story of 10x Growth Con 2019 – We are excited to finally tell our 10X story through our full-length documentary that comes out in a couple days! Register for the pre-show here: (make sure you click “Get Reminder” on that post!)


My stomach was in knots.
My palms were sweating.
My heart was racing.
The pressure was tangible.

As much as I didn’t want the world to see me fail, I knew I had to share it…

So I’m breaking the silence about what went horribly wrong at 10X this year

This is your personal Invitation to watch me fail… on the largest stage I’ve ever been on. Click “Get Reminder” below so you’re registered and you don’t miss it!


I knew entrepreneurs everywhere would benefit from seeing that you’re not alone…

You’re not alone when it feels like you’ve tried everything, and nothing is working.

You’re not alone when you’ve built something up in your head, only to see it fall short.

You’re not alone when you feel at a loss, unsure of what to try next.

This documentary about my time at 10X shows that all (and so much more)…

It’s real, raw footage of what happens when things don’t go as planned, on a MASSIVE scale.

So I’m not only sharing the documentary, I’m sharing my unedited (and never-before-heard) thoughts in a pre and post-show… surrounded by my team and some people you’ll meet in the documentary!

Here’s exactly how to join us and get the FULL, never-before-shared story on what really happened at 10X 2019…

So click on “Get Reminder” on this post to watch my unedited thoughts about 10X and hear from team members who were actually there!

See you soon!

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